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Fires and roses
In equal measures
Strip us of
Our greatest pleasures.

The maelstrom comes:
It takes you blind.
There was a time
When you were mine.

– ‘Maelstrom’
Amy Tollyfield, June 2020

Toy Soldiers, Amy Tollyfield’s second poetry collection, is out now and available to buy online from Amazon, Waterstones, Foyles, Olympia Publishers, and Barnes & Noble, among other stockists. Links to websites where you may buy Toy Soldiers may be found on the ‘Books’ page of this website (www.amytollyfield.com/books).

Photo: Simon Holliday, 2021

My name is Amy Tollyfield, and I live in the United Kingdom. I spent a joyful 2.5 years in Bath, South West England, open-micing and writing new material. In August 2018, while living in Bristol, my first collection of poetry, The Suicide, was published by Olympia Publishers, London. Since August 2018 I have performed my poetry at Clifton Literature Festival 2019, The Barbican Theatre in Plymouth and The Wardrobe Theatre in Old Market, Bristol, among other venues and events, including but not limited to poetry-reading events for my work at Waterstones Clifton and Foyles bookstore in Cabot Circus, Bristol. Reviews so far for my first collection of poetry are as below:

A ‘wonderful collection’ – Waterstones Clifton
‘Similar to Sylvia Plath’ – Diana Iozzia
A ‘very good book’ – Speedyhen Ltd.
‘Bold poetry which speaks to the heart and to the human condition’ – Canon Michael Johnson, Acting Dean of Bristol 2019-2020
‘A pell-mell of turbulent emotion … Tollyfield displays an admirable commitment to speaking her own truth’ – Robyn Whitlaw, Northampton Poetry Review

You can read two of the reviews in their entirety by using the links further down this page.

My second anthology of poetry, Toy Soldiers, containing poetry written while living in Bristol, will be released by Olympia Publishers later this year (now available to buy; visit the ‘Books’ tab on this website to find out more and to make your purchase. http://www.amytollyfield.com/books).

I would describe myself as an authentic performer, writer and person. I have a Master’s degree in Shakespeare Studies (Birmingham, 2014) and a Bachelor’s Honours degree in Drama and Theatre Practice (Hull, 2012). I am a former registered member of the National Youth Theatre, and I identify as gay.

I encourage you to explore my site, buy my books and watch my poetry performed through this site.

I wish you all the very best.

Amy Tollyfield
Friday 5th June 2020
United Kingdom

‘I remember the details because I loved you’ – Horse d’Oeuvres

For photographs concerning my inclusions in Issue 89 of Mslexia (the largest women’s writing magazine in the UK), Derbyshire Life and classicbookscompany.com, please visit http://www.amytollyfield.com/gallery

For my online interviews with Bristol24/7 and Diva online, please see below

Interviews with Bristol24/7 (Bristol’s biggest independent magazine and website):

– Monday 22nd October 2018, ‘Interview: Amy Tollyfield’; link to article: http://www.bristol247.com/culture/books/interview-amy-tollyfield

– Thursday 1st October 2020, ‘Amy Tollyfield: “I always write with the aim of creating a poem which is beautiful, rare and precious”‘; link to article: http://www.bristol247.com/culture/books/2-amy-tollyfield-i-always-write-with-the-aim-of-creating-a-poem-which-is-beautiful-rare-and-precious

Interview with Diva Magazine UK (online), the leading magazine for gay and bisexual women in the UK:

– Friday 8th January 2021, ‘”The difficulties and the knock-backs make you graft harder”: What it’s like to be a queer poet’; link to article: http://www.divamag.co.uk/2021/01/08/the-difficulties-and-the-knock-backs-make-you-graft-harder-what-its-like-to-be-a-queer-poet

In the interests of maximum transparency, please note that at the time of my interview with Diva magazine online I was not living in Bath and had not lived there for quite some time, contrary to the introduction of the piece.

Awarded to Toy Soldiers by Amy Tollyfield (Olympia Publishers, London, 2020) by LoveReading UK

Photo: Simon Holliday, 2019

Links to reviews of The Suicide by Amy Tollyfield:

Diana Iozzia: www.bookwormbanter.blogspot.com/2018/12/the-suicide.html
Diana also rated the book ‘4 stars’ out of a possible 5 on Goodreads.com.

Robyn Whitlaw, Northampton Poetry Review: www.northamptonpoetryreview.org/issue-4-work-2019,
pages 54-55 of Issue 4: Work 2019.

Praise for Toy Soldiers by Amy Tollyfield:

‘A conflicted portrait of longing, angst, and self-assertion’ – Kirkus Reviews
‘I enjoyed how each poem flowed, had its own pace but there is a notable lyricism in the author’s writing that I found stayed consistently throughout. Throughout the collection I found that Tollyfield was able to craft poems that were immediately immersive and evocative. Each one left me pausing for a moment, contemplating the scene that had just been brought to life, before moving on to the next. … I think that this is a great collection for fans of poetry. One that entices you back’
– LoveReading UK ambassador

As of 20th May 2021, Toy Soldiers, Amy’s second poetry collection, is rated five stars
out of a possible five on both http://www.amazon.co.uk and http://www.goodreads.com!

Enjoyed the book? Please leave a review on either of these sites if so!



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