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Public performances

– The Thunderbolt, Bristol. Wednesday 3rd July 2019 (video). Video credit to Sam of The Perverts band, Bristol

– The Wardrobe Theatre, Bristol. Sunday 29th September 2019 (audio). Audio credit to Sam Furse of Loupe Theatre, Bristol

– The Magic Garden, central Nottingham. Thursday 12th May 2022 (video). Amy performs her poem ‘Roots’ at her own event as part of Nottingham Poetry Festival 2022. Video credit to Nedah Nourouzi

Videos of individual poems and author update videos

Toy Soldiers by Amy Tollyfield review quotes video above: Olympia Publishers

Brixton Nights by Amy Tollyfield review quotes video above: Olympia Publishers

As of 3rd October 2022, Toy Soldiers, Amy’s second poetry collection, is rated five stars
out of a possible five on both and!

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Praise for Brixton Nights by Amy Tollyfield
(**OUT NOW**):

‘Tollyfield writes this elegant novella with intricate detail and grace … This perceptive and deeply human account of Chris’s emotional journey will keep readers engrossed’ – Publishers Weekly
‘[Tollyfield]’s prose is evocative and atmospheric … An authenticity and pathos that resonate. A meandering but often affecting tale of ties that bind—and leave deep marks’ – Kirkus Reviews
‘A powerful and enticing realist novella’ – LoveReading UK



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