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Image: Olympia Publishers. Brixton Nights by Amy Tollyfield is out summer 2022

Image: Olympia Publishers

Photo: Simon Holliday, 2019

As of 20th May 2021, Toy Soldiers, Amy’s second poetry collection, is rated five stars
out of a possible five on both and!

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Praise for Toy Soldiers by Amy Tollyfield:

‘A conflicted portrait of longing, angst, and self-assertion’ – Kirkus Reviews
‘I enjoyed how each poem flowed, had its own pace but there is a notable lyricism in the author’s writing that I found stayed consistently throughout. Throughout the collection I found that Tollyfield was able to craft poems that were immediately immersive and evocative. Each one left me pausing for a moment, contemplating the scene that had just been brought to life, before moving on to the next. … I think that this is a great collection for fans of poetry. One that entices you back’
– LoveReading UK ambassador



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